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Title: Untitled Bath Time Fun
Author: Dolphin-chick
Pairing/character: Sheppard/Todd
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: All that talk earlier of a wet Todd got me thinking, you see, and I have a soft spot for feeding hand kink. Also, kiku65's "Write Your Own Damn Porn" challenge and quiet_cow's water challenge.
Kink: bath sex, feeding hand kink

Also, I've downloaded the last two episodes. There are a few nods to Vegas and Enemy at the Gate, but nothing spoiler worthy. As always, this is un-beta'ed

If John Sheppard was good at anything, he was good with his hands.

Todd mulled that fact as he sat between the water jets of an Ancient bathtub and said John Sheppard. The colonel’s hands were busy moving in deep circles on the muscles between the Wraith’s neck and shoulders, working out the numerous knots.

“You seem stressed,” he said quietly, near Todd’s left ear.

“I have been under much pressure within the alliance. We must find new feeding grounds or many will starve. Keller’s treatment was a disaster and I fear some within the alliance have heard wind of my loss of yet another hive. There are certain lower-ranking males within my own hive who have been making troubling power moves of late and I cannot afford to lose-“

“Shhhh....” Sheppard hushed him, biting the piercing in his ear and pulling lightly. “None of that matters here. Woolsey may have you here to negotiate some boring details, but with me, you’re here to relax, got it?” He punctuated his rhetorical question by moving down to Todd’s shoulder blades. Todd purred in quiet acceptance.

Slowly, John worked his way down Todd’s back, working from the ridges of his spine out to his ribs and back in again. When he reached his tail bone, he moved forward to his upper thighs, and nuzzled lightly behind his ear before he began nibbling at his neck. Todd’s purring grew more intense as he leaned back into Sheppard.

“You... know how to please me John Sheppard,” Todd chuckled quietly as rested his head again John’s shoulder.

“Yeah, well, I’m good at that.” He smirked and leaned in to kiss Todd. Todd let the human suckle at his lower lip before becoming more demanding, grabbing hold of Sheppard’s always-messy hair and pressing his tongue into Sheppard’s eager mouth. The two fought for dominance until Todd finally acquiesced, partly to see where Sheppard would take this if he were allowed the dominant role for once, and partly because he needed to breathe, damn it. Sheppard siezed his new-found power with zeal, pressing past dangerous teeth and exploring every corner of the Wraith’s mouth.

He knew he’d had Todd hard for a while now, and also that if he didn’t do something about that soon, Todd would take care of it himself. Todd’s left hand was still tangled in his hair, but his right hand... Sheppard smirked at an idea.

Sheppard let go of Todd’s thighs, and used his free hands to grab hold of Todd’s; one hand to keep the one on his scalp in place and the other to grab the wrist of his feeding hand and spread his fingers wide. “Always wanted to try this,” he muttered before swiping his tongue along the feeding slit. Todd moaned loudly and Sheppard decided that this was a Very Good Idea. He pressed his tongue into the slit, slowly moving around and forward, until he felt something hard and unnerving pointy pressing at him. Willing himself not to freak out, he realized that it was probably whatever organ the Wraith used to inject the feeding enzyme into their victims. Freaky weird little stinger thing, he mused to himself as he sucked at it.

Todd was quivering visibly and uncontrollably now, and Sheppard could tell that even though his eyes were closed, they were probably rolled as far back as humanly-Wraithily-possible. He should probably have mercy on the poor guy already...

Sheppard stopped teasing his feeding slit and let go of his hold on Todd. Using his left hand to hold the Wraith against him, he gripped Todd’s cock with his right. Slowly he worked his hand up and down the length of him, deliberately thumbing over the head with each stroke. Todd moaned loudly and gripped the edges of the tub as if his life depended on it.

“John-“ he moaned, “Do not make me beg.”

“Oh, I think you already are,” he teased. “But I think I can show a little mercy just this once.” John sped up his pace and gripped him just a little tighter, until Todd came with a sharp cry.

Todd waited until he was sure he had control of his breathing before risking speech. “I will be sure to come here to relax more often, John Sheppard.” Sheppard smirked at the contented Wraith’s attempt at post-coital humor before settling back with Todd in his arms to enjoy what was left of their little bath time.

Rotten fruit accepted graciously.
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