August 8th, 2010

I'm new here :-)

Hi everyone :-D I'm new in this community and to livejournal. I also have an account on, there I'm called Wraith Fan :-) For more information about me, just check my profile page ;-) I'm a obvious a Wraith addict :-D A few years ago I discovered that there weren't that many Sheppard/Wraith Queen fics so that's when I started writing one of my own.

Title of my story is The Queer Queen, cause the Queen is weird and it rhymes, got nothing to do with lesbians or something. I've posted 14 chapters on so far and I think quite a lot of people like my story. Haven't had any negative comments or something (except from this guy that seemed to think it was about gay people :-S whatever...he obviously didn't read :-P) but lots of positive comments so... :-)

So now I'd like to post my 14 chapters here. I tried putting them all up in one go but the post was too large (obviously, my more recent chapters are up to 15 pages long lol!). So I'm just gonna post one chapter a time. I've also made an avatar and a wallpaper for my fic so I'll just put those under this message :-)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading my story and please review!!!!:-D

Greetz: Wraith_Fan -xXx-

The Queer Queen: Chapter 1: Meeting the Queen

The Queer Queen

by Wraith Fan 

Title: The Queer Queen
Author: Wraith_Fan
Disclaimer: Just wrote this as a fan, non of this is mine except the characters I made up, the rest all belongs to SciFi and makers of Stargate: Atlantis
Warnings: Wraith feedings, kissing, also mention of lovemaking but nothing explicit.
Rating: M, just to be safe
Sheppard is captured by Wraith and meets their Queen,she's not your average Wraith Queen and John's beginning to have feelings for her,and so is she.Will they give in to their feelings?In the mean time the battle with the Replicators goes on. A story of impossible love, Wraith society and the war against the Replicators and other enemies (including Michael).
Character/pairing(s): John Sheppard/Wraith Queen Amarah 


Chapter 1: Meeting the QueenCollapse )Chapter 1: Meeting the QueenCollapse )