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Completed Challege Fic

Title: See These Eyes So Green

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: John/Todd, implied Todd/Original Queen

Summary: Post Infection right around the beginning of Enemy at the Gate with hopefully nothing too spoilery. Here is my attempt at mine and Kiku65's challenges. It's relatively unbeta'd, though I had someone I knew read over it before hand. I don’t normally write guy on guy, I do enjoy reading it, so this is my try at producing it. I try to pay homage to fics I enjoyed as well, ideas, concepts, little tid bits to tip my hat to the authors.

             Ridiculous outfit aside, Todd was enjoying his stay with the Lanteans. It was a reprieve from his duties and the ominous threats his subordinates were making. The Colonel made regular visits; some authorized others out of pleasure, or possibly boredom. He was unsure the exact motive behind these brief conversations. Was it to put him at ease or some odd attempt to get him to release some form of pointless information that they deem important?

            “So,” John asks during one of these visits, “Did you ever find a replacement Queen after Teyla left?”

            “Is it of any importance to your people?”

            “No, not really, just curious.” He says and leans back in his chair. Todd noted how he rocked back on the rear legs of his seat. One tap of his foot could send the human backwards.

            The Wraith lifts his brows in a facsimile of a shrug, “I managed to find one willing to cooperate.”

            “Judging from that tone, I take it that wasn’t easy to do.”

            “It was not. Her mother, fortuitously, was growing desperate for ties and traded her before she reached breeding age.”

            “So you raised her to act how you wanted, huh?”

            “In a way.”

            John smirks, “She just as well mannered as you?”

            Todd lifts a brow and inclines his head. This human was quiet…what was that term? Nosey? Yes, that was it.

            “Why are you interested, Colonel?”

            The human shrugs casually and sets his chair back on all four legs. “Well, you know an awfully good deal about us and we know squat about you.” He props his chin onto the butt of his palm, “Other than Teyla.”

            As he was about to make a quick reply about how curiosity can lead a human to their death, John catches him off guard with a simple question; “Is she good looking?”


            “Your new Queen. Is she good looking?”

            “I do not know why this is-“

            “Well, I’d hate to know I’d have to sleep with someone and worry about being horrified when I wake up next to them.”

            The Wraith laughs and shakes his head. “Our ideal of beauty if far different than your own, but if you must know, for our standards, yes, she is ‘good looking’.”

            “All of them look about the same to me, no offence or anything.”

            “She is the only female I have seen with green eyes.”

            “Green? Huh, didn’t know you guys could have any other eye colors.”

            “It is not a common trait.”

            “Clearly. So was she considered defective? You got her at a discount, it seems.”

            “Actually it is a desired characteristic to pass on; however, she was believed…to have been born with some mental disabilities.”

            “Ah, so she’s-“

            “She had nothing wrong with her. It merely took her longer to develop her full telepathic abilities.”

            “You just failed to mention that to the Queen handing her over then, huh?”

            Todd gives a rumbling “Mhm,” in reply and shifts in his seat. That damned suit rode up terribly in the groin, as humans were built far differently. It seemed to be tailored for someone a few inches shorter than he as well. “At least you have provided me with more welcoming accommodations than in my previous visits.” He mutters in an attempt to get the Colonel to change topics.

            “Well, I figured you earned some privileges with how cooperative you’ve been.” John says and rises from his seat, stretching with a groan. “Probably could have put in some more comfortable chairs though.”

            The Wraith made no comment, simply crossing one leg over the other, despite the discomfort the outfit caused. The tightness, he thought, would distract him from the fact that he did not wish to look the human in the eyes. Other than the difference in pupil shape, his eyes were frighteningly similar to his Queen’s though they lacked the calm sadness she possessed; so similar to his own. He, like many males of rank, rarely knew of their own offspring. The consequences of incest were not as harsh as they were with humans, and the knowledge that he was bedding his own daughter would have meant very little to him if he had realized it.

            “I’m headed to the showers; you’ll have clearance you know…if you need one.”

            He looks up at the human, who feigned casualness. He did wish to be clean. There was little point in having his proper clothing washed for him if he were not cleaned himself. “I would not mind.”

            “Probably won’t have to worry about anyone else being in there with you around. Hell, it’d be nice to have it quiet for a change.” John chuckles, and Todd picks up a nervous tremor, though well hidden in that quip.

            It dawned on him as he followed the Colonel, flanked by two armed guards. Hmm, less than the four I normally receive, he mused first.

            Pheromones. He was unsure if humans could actually pick up on it. He exhales sharply though his nose and waits for John to explain to the guards to wait outside then follows John into the room without a word. The thoughts of his Queen must have triggered it, he decided, and John must have been affected. He would not be caught outside the secured room they set up for him otherwise.

It was nice to stretch his legs.

            He had no qualms about disrobing in front of a human. In fact, he felt superior in a way. His body was far more complete than the species which he shared some lineage with.

The warm water was welcoming.

            “Do females have that same ridge along their backs?” That ever prying voice asks close to him.

            “It is less prominent, noticeable only on the lower back.” He mutters, letting his head fall forward so the water can hit across the back of his neck.

            “I wouldn’t have thought you guys would be even creepier without clothes on.” He mutters, and hears Todd chuckle.

            The Wraith enjoyed the silence as he let the concentrated stream of water work out the discomfort in his shoulders. Sitting for so long in that small room had made him stiff. That blissful silence, of course, would not last for much longer. He could feel John bursting to ask something else, and almost dreaded what would come out that human’s mouth next.

            To his surprise, though he fought not to show it, it was not what came from his mouth that shocked him. He felt two hands slick with soap and rough from years of use slide over his shoulders.  Despite himself, he let his body relax. Taboo though it may be, a human, this human he could allow being so close to him. John had saved his life, and he his. Though John and he constantly said they were even at each turn, that the bet was off, they both knew it was not.

            He missed his Queen, her company, and John would be a suitable substitute if he translated his actions clearly.

            Those hands converge onto the ridge of his spine, causing him to shiver involuntarily. “Ha, so you do have a weak point.” He hears John laugh as he traces every vertebra down his back. As he reached close to his hips, John felt Todd wobble on his feet.  Using this momentarily loss of balance to his advantage, he tries to guide the Wraith to the wall.

            He will most certainly not allow a human to dominate him in such a manner. Todd takes the human by the wrist and turns him face first into the cold tile wall. He hears John grunt as he presses into him, his chest against the human’s overly warm back. Despite the water, John’s skin felt dry to the Wraith while his own had become quite oily. It was a trait that allowed them to swim with far greater ease than a human and prevent any loss of bodily fluid.

            “I take it you aren’t the type who likes the bottom, huh?” John says, looking over his shoulder and up at Todd.

            “If I were of lower caste, perhaps.”

            “Too bad then. I’ve been told I’m pretty damn good.”

            “Good by human standards, I imagine.”

            “So Wraith compare differently?”

            Todd chuckles and bites down lightly on the human’s neck. Their skin was so easily broken and he felt the coppery tang of blood on his tongue. “What the fuck are you doing?” He hears John groan.

            He would have never considered a human. If he had not been pestered into talking, if the subject of his Queen had not been brought up, and if John’s eyes were not the same color this never would have occurred. There were so many ifs in this, and Todd knew he’d regret this once he finished. However, a quick release was sorely needed, evident in that very rigid pressure against the human’s lower back.

            A light nudge of his knee spread the human’s legs just wide enough that he could angle his hips properly.

            “Whoa whoa whoa, ever heard of lube?” John says, straightening as best he could against the Wraith to keep him from just pushing his way in.

            “What?” He asks with a rumbling growl of disappointment as he pressed his hip against John’s back.

            “I really don’t feel like being torn apart, thank you very much.”

            Rolling his eyes, Todd leans back and spits into his left hand. “Are you seriously going t…Jesus shit! A little warning would have been nice.” John yelps when two, saliva coated, be-clawed fingers push into him.

            Under different circumstances, Todd would have probably found that reaction from John quite amusing. However, for the moment he was focused on one thing and removes his fingers to grip the human’s hips. “Do not blame me if you move incorrectly and injure yourself, Sheppard.” He says against John’s ear, stressing the “shh” sound of John’s last name.

            John’s head drops, his forehead pressing against the tile as Todd pushed into him. He was mildly glad that the Wraith’s daunting member was tapered or no amount of lube would have helped him out very much. He doubted Todd would have settled for a simple hand job otherwise, and a blow job was a terrible idea.

            The Wraith was surprisingly easy with his entry and paused long enough for John to relax himself. From his vantage point, he could only see his own feet as well as Todd’s: Weird feet he had, and not remotely human. He had four long, webbed, toes with nasty looking claws, where his big toe should be was a smaller, shorter toe. No wonder their shoes looked so long and why Todd had flattened the backs of the shoes they gave him.

            He saw the muscles in the Wraith’s lanky legs tighten and felt him begin to thrust. It was a slow shallow rhythm to begin with, which soon quickened. When John’s mind cleared, he continued to watch those feet, how the Wraith’s toes curled and his claws slid over the tile, unable to hook into anything but the grout. His ankles were thick, no surprise there, he thought. Wraith could jump and sustain some brutal landings. A brief comparison to fleas nearly made him laugh.

            Those sharp teeth found the back of his neck, adding a new set of marks, matching those on the side. John groans, closing his eyes and blocking out those pale legs that contrasted against his own.

            Todd’s member had to be a different shape, erect at least, than his. John thought to himself, his eyes screwed shut as Todd seemed to hit his prostate nearly every other thrust. Of course it was, he saw it when he took his damned pants off, but it wasn’t too far off from a human’s. No way could he angle his hips like that to hit him in that exact spot either. Being a betting man, albeit a poor one, he took a gamble that a Wraith’s was curved a bit. He doubted Todd would be the type to politely pull out in the middle of fucking him inside out to quell his curiosity.

            The human was being far too quiet, Todd hazily noticed. He had thought he would have to cover the man’s mouth to prevent the guards from interrupting.  Taking a handful of John’s short hair, Todd pulls his head back away from the tile. “Are you at a loss of words, Colonel?” He purrs, grunting in punctuation as he delivered a rather forceful thrust.

            “Just thinking.” John replies in an almost hilarious attempt at casual.

            A snide remark to that was far too easy to make. Todd held his tongue and occupied his mouth with biting that deliciously tender neck stretched before him. It got him what he wanted, a sharp cry from John as he bit down harder than before. “Fuck!” he hears the humans hiss through his teeth.

            His Queen could have easily handled that bite and more than likely would have requested he bite with more force. She would have taken to his neck afterwards, ensuring the males on his Hive knew he alone had the rights to her bed and body. She was not here, she was not him, he reminded himself as he released John’s neck. The wound was not life threatening in the slightest, though he imaged the water stung it.

            It was not long before that familiar pressure of release caused the Wraith to lean forward, deepening his thrusts. He felt John shift under him, his shoulder dropping on the left. Todd was unsure what the human was doing until an arm brushes against his own, rough hair rasps against his skin, growing slick with the oil his body secretes.

            With a shuddering, rumbling groan he climaxes. Such a quick release, and so deeply needed. The mating cycle was not for another month and the matter of returning to his Hive did trouble his thoughts, befuddled as they were.

            Had the human finished himself? More than likely, the arm against his own had stopped and John was panting raggedly under him. His mind was clear enough to warn him when he started to attempt to pull away. “Until my body cools down, it would be wise not to try and move.”

            “Fair enough…how long will that be exactly?”

            “Not long.”

            “It’s going to be fun explaining away these damn bite marks on my neck. Thanks a lot, you ass.”


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