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Prompt Story Porn For Dolphin-Chick

Title: Prompt Story Porn For Dolphin-Chick
Pairing: Todd/Sheppard.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In the library. With some rope.

Notes/Warnings: Well, the summery should give you a clue. Liberties taken with consent, mild bondage issues, a tiny dribble of d/s. But they have fun.




John wriggled his way through the fissure, a natural chimney that had been left in the rock to provide ventilation for the room beneath it, and dropped to the ground. The humans of Belarus were, by Pegasus standards, a fairly cultured race. Although at the same level of advancement as almost everyone else in the galaxy (“Early Dark Ages, with emphasis on the ‘Dark’,” as Rodney had put it once) they had still found time to build hospitals, schools and places of learning, although by necessity those places were concealed underground in the natural caverns that honeycombed most of the near-‘gate area. He would have preferred to have entered by the front door, even more preferred to have entered with his team behind him, but the lack of either scenario was kind of the problem.

Unfortunately, the Belarians had taken exception to having a Wraith dare set foot in one of their precious cities, even one attached to a ‘Lantean team. John was cynical about their motives (he strongly suspected they might not have been half so brave with an unretrovirused Wraith), but had wisely kept his opinions to himself. Very wisely, since they held him accountable for Todd’s presence as well, and had promised to meet out the same punishment – a fairly long, complicated one involving red-hot pokers, from the sounds of it.

Thankfully the rest of his team were not held accountable as well, and were currently being escorted politely but firmly back to the Stargate without him. It would take hours for them to get there yet, and John wasn’t sure he could wait that long; in his experience, natives tended to get enthusiastic when it came to inflicting pain on hated enemies, and he’d never been a fan of red-hot pokers.

He glanced around, spotted the door, and walked over. Thanks to recent and bloody civil wars, there was a bar on the inside; John lowered it quietly down into place before he turned back to the room itself. It wouldn’t do to have armed guards rushing in, especially since they had taken his weapons before shoving him into the adjoining cavern. That one had looked like an abandoned lab, but this looked more like an old library. The books on the shelves he passed while searching for his missing team member were dilapidated, their covers stained, pages tattered, bindings loose. Everything was covered in a film of dust; even the air was musty and dry.

John turned down another aisle, then quickened his pace as he saw the figure hunched at the end. As with him, the Belarians had tied Todd’s hands behind him and divested him of his coat as they had John’s BDU vest, but unlike John his feet had been tied as well. John, who had spent time in the infirmary with a bruised abdomen after a friendly sparring match with the Wraith, didn’t blame their captors one bit; he knew perfectly well that the kick that had hospitalised him had been pulled, and he had still been banned from active duties for three days. One with Todd’s full strength behind it would have minced his intestines through his backbone.

A thought struck him as he padded quietly closer, one that grew when he stopped beside the Wraith and saw the thick rope looped around one ankle, the other end tied to one of the supporting pillars. It nudged him as Todd looked up groggily, still dazed from the stunner blasts that had taken him down. They should have worn off by now, but John supposed there had been more later, perhaps recently. The first volley alone would have knocked out a small elephant.

The Wraith focused on him blearily and growled a little more roughly than usual, a rumble that made heat pool in John’s groin. It still sometimes disturbed him, this thing he and Todd had going together, had had for months now – not because it felt wrong, but because it didn’t. It had been easy, almost natural the first time he had let the Wraith kiss him, and nothing but amazing when Todd had taken him back to his quarters and fucked him to a boneless mass. He got a little tired of never being the top (Todd was as capable of voluntarily bottoming as he was of flying), but compared to what could have happened in a relationship like this...

Never being the top. John shivered suddenly. Well, he had time, didn’t he? The door was locked. They were alone. Todd was dazed, pliant, and more to the point he didn’t really have much say in the matter. With any other partner John wouldn’t have even considered it, but neither he nor Todd was even remotely close to fragile in any way, and if the Wraith really objected to what happened next, John was sure he would know about it in no short order.

He crouched beside the Wraith, drawing out his flick knife – his method of escape – and cutting the hempen rope binding Todd’s ankles together. The Wraith said nothing as his legs were freed, only glancing quickly up when John ignored the ties still around his ankle and wrists. The puzzlement faded as Todd took in John’s smile, and went very still.

John pocketed the knife and looked at the Wraith appraisingly, trying to think what to do first. So far he’d only been presented with a scene like this in his most ambitious fantasies, and he was unsure which particular one he wanted to act out. Anticipating an overnight stay he’d come prepared – one BDU pant pocket held lube, the other a travel-sized pack of wipes – but he wasn’t sure how far he could push his luck in one encounter, and he wanted to have some fun first anyway.

He pushed the Wraith down on his back, deciding to play it by ear for now. John positioned himself over Todd’s hips, grinding down as he settled, making the other moan softly. The Wraith was still dazed, but he looked as though he was coming back to full awareness; when John slid his hands under the butter-soft leather shirt Todd was wearing, brushing the skin underneath with light fingertips, he saw the muscles of Todd’s jaw clench briefly, as though biting back another groan. John smirked at the Wraith, before working his hands up Todd’s abdomen, brushing over his chest, stroking his flanks. He felt Todd start to harden underneath him, and let his hands slide back downwards – over hips, along the top of Todd’s belt, back again. The Wraith closed his eyes briefly, but stayed silent, his mouth curled in an ever-so-faint smirk as he met John’s eyes.

If that wasn’t a challenge, John didn’t know what was. He lowered himself to cover that defiant mouth in a kiss, letting the sharp, cinnamon-and-resin taste sting his tongue before pushing himself back up and resuming his work. John eased himself slightly backwards, his hands undoing Todd’s belt, letting it fall away, loosening his pants. One other steadied its owner, gripping a now-bare hip as John let his other hand drift inside to skim over warm, hardening flesh.

Todd bucked upwards violently, gasping. Now it was John’s turned to smirk, the expression staying firmly in place as he slipped his hand down further to caress the inside of Todd’s thighs, leaning over as he brushed the sensitive skin, his own cock starting to harden as he grasped hold of Todd’s rigid shaft. The Wraith shuddered, hips jerking upwards again, teeth bared in a frustrated snarl. The sight was so beautiful that John paused in his gentle torment, which was a mistake.

Suddenly his own arms were being pinned, his own wrists held behind him – not by ropes, but by long, firm hands. Todd’s smirk was right back in place as he tightened his grip, and John’s felt his slide right off his face in the face of its many and myriad teeth.


Todd – as he was known among humans, his lover in particular – let the inches-long knife fall from his hands and kicked it away out of reach. Really, John had been foolish not to expect the same trick he had undoubtedly used to get free, but his momentary stupidity was Todd’s gain. He pulled himself upright and pushed the human down, intentionally re-creating the scene that had been happening only moments before – but in reverse.

Now John was pinned face-up on the dusty floor, with the Wraith sitting on his thighs to hold him down. Todd quickly looped the remains of his bonds around the tightly-held wrists of his battle-brother and sometime lover while John struggled futilely under him, swearing at him horribly. As Todd drew the last knot closed and set about cutting the remaining rope tying him to the pillar the human finally fell still with a last muttered word, before looking up at him with an affected air of disinterest marred somewhat by the wideness of those gorgeous hazel eyes.

“Guess this is where the revenge comes in, huh?”

“Mhm.” Todd remained stern and poker-faced as he freed himself and turned back, but inwardly he smiled at the human’s worried look. Revenge indeed. What had happened had been enjoyable, but now Todd was aroused and looking to satisfy himself; simply passively laying back and letting John bring him to completion would not do.

Deliberately mimicking John’s earlier teasing, he slid a hand under the other’s BDU vest and shirt, stroking the soft and slightly furred skin underneath with one delicate finger. As the human shivered involuntarily, he trailed his other hand underneath and around to the small of John’s back, arching him upwards as he pressed down into the human’s groin. John whimpered, making Todd smile at last, before concentrating on more important matters. He would have liked to have drawn it out indefinitely, but his cock had grown even harder, if that was possible, and he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself much longer.

Todd leant back, stroked down the outside of John’s thighs, seeking the small object that... there. He withdrew the tube from its hiding place, watching John’s face take on a dejected cast with amusement that he didn’t bother to hide. Todd knew his lover was growing tired of constantly bottoming when they paired, but his own Wraith psychology prevented him from taking any real action against it, not that he wanted to. It simply wasn’t in Todd’s nature to let anyone have power over him voluntarily, and he knew that his lover knew this, and so had kept silent.

Up until now. “One day we’re going to have to even things out a little,” John complained as Todd put the lube down beside him carefully. The Wraith chuckled.

“When you are capable of doing so, I will raise no objections,” he promised, starting to fiddle with the complicated fastenings of John’s pants. “If the time ever comes when you are able to keep me under you, I would deserve no less."

Perhaps if Todd had seen the glint in John’s eye after this he would have worried, but as it was he was too busy pulling open the last of the fastenings and yanking John’s pants down to his ankles, tangling them around his military-issue boots. The human raised no objections when Todd flipped him over on his front, which the Wraith was pleased to note; complaints or no complaints, John evidently had no problems with the fucking itself. Todd freed his own, already swollen cock from its confines, applying liberal amounts of lubricant in preparation before slicking up two of his fingers and shoving John’s legs apart with his knee. The human groaned reluctantly when the first finger entered him, not even trying to hold back when the second joined its mate. Todd withdrew them both, then settled himself between John’s spread legs and lined himself up before pushing in slowly.

The bound hands in front of him jerked as John whimpered, feeling Todd’s cock stretching him painfully despite the lube as it breeched him and invaded him. Instinctively the human tried to pull away, but Todd pulled him back on to his cock mercilessly; he had a better opinion of John’s pain threshold than apparently John did. He felt the walls around him clenched and unclench as John panted underneath him but resisted the urge to withdraw, driving himself in to the hilt before pausing to rest for a moment.

John squirmed as much as he was able, trying to force Todd to move. He could feel all of the hard length inside him, every inch, and it had swollen so thick he felt as though he couldn’t breathe. It was painful, more so than any time since his first, but it was also glorious. He had never felt so filled, so full. The pain and pleasure had tangled with each other to create something that was pure sensation, and it hummed in every cell. Todd felt John quivering underneath him and guessed what he was trying to convey without openly begging, at least verbally. He decided to take pity on the human – this time – and started to move.

John managed to stay quiet at the first thrust, uttered the smallest of whimpers at the second, moaned out loud on the third and gave up on silence after that. Todd chuckled, hearing the human swear at him foully in answer between sharp gulps of air; he had teased John in the past for his vocal appreciations during their mating, which the human had reacted to somewhat huffily – and had since made it a personal challenge between the two of them to get him to make any noise at all. No doubt his bed in Atlantis was going to be lonely for a while, or he would be paired with Ronon Dex next time he sparred, but right now he felt it was worth it. Never mind the future; he intended to get his due from the present.

Todd drove in again, felt himself hit the small nub that seemed to give John so much pleasure. It was no different this time; the human jerked as every nerve in his body was jolted with white-hot fire, spasming him like an electric shock. Common sense made Todd clamp a hand over John’s mouth as he thrust in again – there was no telling whether there were guards outside or not, or how much they could hear – and he was rewarded for his quick thought when he hit the gland a second time and John yelled into his palm, his cock stiffening in response. Todd kept the hand firmly in place as he kept up a steady rhythm of thrusts, but carefully; humans were fragile, and he had no desire to suffocate John, or otherwise injure him due to his own lack of control. Quite apart from losing himself an exquisitely responsive and satisfying bedmate, he would have to explain himself to the rest of the team afterwards...

On that thought he decided to end it, and let himself release. John shuddered underneath him – not, Todd was certain, from displeasure – but remained tense; the human’s own organ was still swollen and rigid. Todd let a beat of five seconds pass before reaching around and grasping it gently, his other hand still firmly in place over John’s mouth. It muffled the human’s cry as Todd jerked him off, feeling John at last go limp and pliant underneath him. No doubt he had brought something with which to clean themselves with, something Todd was rather counting on, but for now it was pleasant to stop and simply bask in the afterglow. 

John seemed to have no objections; like most of the other times after they had joined he wriggled backwards closer to Todd and seemed content simply to drift off. The Wraith allowed himself a small amount of amusement at this – John’s tendency to snuggle after sex had been another thing Todd teased him about – before planting a small kiss on the back of his neck, then nipping him lightly.

It worked. John woke up very quickly, and with a small yelp. Todd smirked a little, before kissing the bite mark in apology – he’d bitten harder than he intended – and withdrawing from John slowly. The human chewed his lip but kept silent, something Todd decided to reward him for later... if John would let him.

His hopes were answered in a way he hadn’t really expected at the human’s quiet murmur as they were cleaning themselves up.

“So tell me, what does ‘capable’ mean exactly...?”

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