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The Queer Queen: Chapter 3: The Escape

The Queer Queen

by Wraith Fan 

Title: The Queer Queen
Author: Wraith_Fan
Disclaimer: Just wrote this as a fan, non of this is mine except the characters I made up, the rest all belongs to SciFi and makers of Stargate: Atlantis
Warnings: Wraith feedings, kissing, also mention of lovemaking but nothing explicit.
Rating: M, just to be safe
Sheppard is captured by Wraith and meets their Queen,she's not your average Wraith Queen and John's beginning to have feelings for her,and so is she.Will they give in to their feelings?In the mean time the battle with the Replicators goes on. A story of impossible love, Wraith society and the war against the Replicators and other enemies (including Michael).
Character/pairing(s): John Sheppard/Wraith Queen Amarah 


Chapter 3: The Escape



He hadn’t slept all night (that is, if you could speak of night and day if you were on a hive ship in an orbit around a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy), thinking about what she said.


And the more he thought about it, the more he had to admit… she was right about certain things. All of this was indeed their mistake, but how were they supposed to know? Wasn’t first shooting and then asking questions the way of handling with these kinds of things? He just started doubting about everything about the Wraith he had ever learned….


Could it be that he was wrong? Not all Wraith enjoyed other people their suffering, not all Wraith could not be trusted… He would probably be dead by the hand of Kolya if it hadn’t been for that unknown Wraith who helped him to escape. The Wraith that had said that there was a lot about Wraith that he didn’t know.


Now that he actually thought about it.. he knew nothing. Who was he to judge these creatures? Didn’t every humanlike living being had the right to survive?


Okay, so maybe the Wraith weren’t bastards, they couldn’t help that they were Wraith and that they had to feed on humans (demanding them to turn into humans really didn’t work out… if he thought about how Michael had ended up). But he and his people also had to survive, and they couldn’t do that if the Wraith sucked the life out of them. He just didn’t see a way in which they could live ‘in peace’.


He wished he hadn’t talked to the Queen like that, what else may she have planned on saying before he pissed her off? Was she demanding him to come up with a solution? Or did she have a solution and did she need his help for that?


John felt like he owned her an apology… what the hell was he thinking! He didn’t owe some Wraith Queen who took three years of his life from him an apology!!!




She already felt sorry that she had sent the human away. He just didn’t know better, she guessed.

And the worst part was that she actually liked him… yes,that was the truth, she liked him, he was cute. And brave and funny, though she didn’t understand some of his humour.

How she would love to learn more about the humans, how they lived, how they thought about life itself. But who would be wanting to teach her, a Wraith Queen, anything about their ways? The human called John already hated her… Probably because she took three years of his life. Maybe he would forgive her if she restored those years? Or didn’t it work that way with humans?


She needed a plan, and a good one. She needed to find a way in which the humans would willingly tell her about their way of life, tell her about this planet, Earth.


And she had to make sure she didn’t start another fight with John, even if he said things that weren’t right. She would have to correct him without losing her temper.

She walked around her throne room and eventually went to her swing. She had always liked to swing, ever since she saw human children using it, the swinging calmed her down when she had a lot to worry about.




The least he could do was talk to her again, would she be willing to talk to him after he started an argument? He could ask the guards if he was allowed to talk to her again. He finished his disgusting meal, stood up and went to the door of his dark cell. It was then he heard a familiar sound coming from the back of his cell, where his jacket lay. He went over there and found out that his radio was still inside the pocket of his jacket! The guards had checked for weapons but maybe they were too stupid to realise that his radio could be some sort of communication devise. He took the radio and whispered, so he would not alert the guards.


“This is Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, I’m prisoner aboard a Wraith hive ship, please respond, over”


“Colonel Sheppard? Is that really you?”, a voice sounded.


“No, it’s your mummy, could you keep your voice down a bit, I don’t want these guards just outside my cell to realise that I’m talking to somebody”


“Okay, Colonel, I’m sorry. I’ll…”


“Look, just give me doctor Weir, so we can plan a way to get me out of here”

He had to admit, he regretted it that he had to leave so soon, this Queen seemed very different from other Queens and he was actually curious to find out what else she had to say. But he couldn’t risk being with the Queen when his rescuers showed up.


A familiar voice sounded softly through his radio.


“John? Are you all right?”, doctor Weir said.


“ Yeah, I’m trapped in a cell in a Wraith hive ship, but part from that, I’m fine…”


“Thank God”, the voice of McKay sounded.


“Don’t worry, John, Rodney, we’re gonna get you out of there soon!”, Ronon said.


“So, what’s the plan, Meredith?”, Sheppard asked.


“Could you just stop calling me that?! We’re speaking for like 10 seconds and you think I already have a solution?”


“That’s what you’re good at, right? Finding an ingenious solution in a matter of seconds.”


Then John heard the low voice of Ronon again.


“John, we already have a plan.. or sort of plan. Teyla, can you explain the plan to him?”

Teyla sighed. “Yes, I can, Ronon, we’re planning on sending three jumpers over there first, then they attack the hyperdrive engines, we hope this will be enough distraction to allow us and a couple of marines to take another invisible jumper in the Dart bay, so we can come and rescue you. How ever we have a bit of a problem, this hive ship you’re in is really big and we have absolutely no idea where we have to start looking for you…”


McKay interrupted. “What are you talking about? There’s a transmitter in every radio, and as you all can hear, we still have our radio’s, so once we get to the ship we should be able to locate his exact position…”


“You really are a genius, Meredith”, John said.


“Look, this isn’t really the best plan and if we had more time we could…”, McKay started.


“But it’ll do, I don’t wanna stay here any longer in case they find out about my radio or in case the Queen wishes to see me or something. So hurry up, will you?”


“All right, all right, we’re gonna get ready and I hope we’ll see you soon, we’ll keep in touch once we’re in the hive.”


“Okay, see you soon, Meredith.”


“Just… don’t call me that!”


John laughed, it would be all right, his friends were on their way to get him out of this stinking place. Still he couldn’t help but wonder what he could be missing …




“Major Lorne, have you and your men reached their hyperdrive engines yet?”, Teyla asked over the radio.


“Yes, we’re firing on the hive right now and there are around 20 Darts making their way here as we speak. We won’t be able to hold them at bay for very long so please hurry”, the voice of major Lorne sounded.


“All right, we can do this…”, Teyla sighed.


“Sure we can”, Ronon agreed.


They dropped out of hyperspace (yes, they took a jumper with a hyperdrive) and were invisible. They quickly made their way towards the bay, having difficulties not to crash into the upcoming Darts that were making their way towards the hyperdrive engines and the other three jumpers. They parked the jumper in an empty corner of the bay, out of reach and sight from any Wraith.


“Colonel Sheppard, this is Teyla, we’re at the Dart bay, please respond, over.”


“That was about time, I was beginning to fear you were going to the wrong hive. Listen, I believe the Queen will want to talk to me soon, so it would be best if you got me out of here before that time …”, John’s voice sounded.


“We’re already on our way, we have Rodney’s signal and yours on our screen…”, Teyla said.

“Let’s end the radio contact for now, we don’t want to drew the attention of any Wraith in the area…”, Ronon noticed.


“All right, I guess I’ll see you soon. Go fetch Rodney first.”


John switched off the radio en hid it back in his jacket. He was hoping they would hurry up just as he heard footsteps approach. Damn …




They found and freed Rodney without meeting any Wraith and raced through the corridors of the Wraith hive ship as fast as they could, but not exactly as silently as they could. On their way to John’s cell they encountered several Wraith which Ronon managed to shoot before they could ring the alarm. They were extremely lucky and they didn’t want to test their luck any longer.


They reached the corridor in which John’s cell was, according to McKay. They heard voices… not good. Before anyone could do anything Ronon jumped from the dark corner where they were hiding and started firing at the General and the two guards. One of them managed to escape and soon alarms rang through the entire hive ship.


“Way to go, Ronon!!!”, Rodney screamed above the roaring sounds of the alarm.

“You had a better idea, Meredith?”, Ronon responded.


“Could you guys just stop arguing and get me out of this damn cell?!”, Sheppard said. “By the way, if you’re all here, who’s watching the jumper?”


“We left the marines with the jumper”, Teyla said as she freed Sheppard from his prison.

They ran through the corridors, trying to avoid any Wraith that were alerted by the alarm. Ronon ran first, shooting at everything that moved in front of them.


“This is major Lorne, we’ve lost one jumper, we’re about to leave before they hit our hyperdrive. I must warn you, several Dart suddenly rushed off to the Dart bay about five minutes ago. Over and out.”


Shit! They reached the Dart bay to see around ten incoming Darts firing at their now visible jumper, they must have discovered it as they were parking in the bay.

Ronon immediately assisted the marines and started shooting at several Wraith that were running towards the jumper. They ran through the rain of shooting Wraith and were almost at the jumper when Rodney was hit and fell to the floor.


“Come on, Rodney, don’t let those bastards get you again!”, Ronon yelled as he dragged Rodney towards the open door of the jumper.

“Let’s go home...”, the Colonel said as he started flying the ship in the direction of the Dart bay exit.


They reached the outside of the hive and were being chased by at least 30 Darts.


“Hurry, go to hyperspace!”, Rodney panicked.


“Ehm… I think we may have a little problem.. it’s not working, they must have hit the hyperdrive …”, John started.


“What!!! That’s a disaster! We’re never gonna get out of here alive, we’re all gonna die!!...”, Rodney cried out.


“Could you shut up and try to come up with a solution?”


“What?! There is no solution, this is a dead end, end of story, game over!”


Ronon poked at McKay’s elbow and pointed at the unmistakable shape of a stargate in the distance.


“A stargate in space! We’re saved!!”, the scientist cheered.


“Don’t count on that too soon, Rodney …”, Sheppard said while cursing under his breath.

The Darts were getting closer and were firing at them.. every minute they were hit so hard that the entire ship shook from the force of the impact.


John started wondering if there would be one part of their jumper left by the time they reached that stargate, that is.. if they ever reached the stargate.




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