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Love a Form of Insanity

In light of Wraith_Fan posting her Sheppard/Wraith Queen fanfic I decided that I would post mine too hehe and so here is the rundown

Title: Love a Form of Insanity
Pairing: Sheppard/Wraith Queen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In season 2 Sheppard was captured by a Wraith Queen this Queen has a great plan in store for Sheppard what will become of him because of it? Pretty crappy summary I no but oh well :D
Warning: This fic has sex scenes, violence and swearing if you don't like this stuff well you were warned


Sheppard was flying a dart into the bowls of the Hive ship. The plan was simple get in, plant the charges and get out. It was so amazingly simple, too simple, poor foolish Ford he was so addicted to the enzyme that he couldn't even tell that what they were about to do was incredibly stupid and reckless and, worst of all, the plan was about to fail. Sheppard deposited half of his precious cargo off on one of the many catwalks that littered the Hive's docking area, making it look more than passingly like a beehive. Ford, and the remaining half of the assault team, including Teyla and Ronon, continued deep into the Hive, they were happily surprised with how easy it was to get into the Hive, but their happiness was to be short lived as the moment Sheppard had touched down, the wraith were immediately alerted to their presence and sent warriors after the intruders. Once captured the Queen of the Hive had wanted to meet the pilot of the dart, and sent one of her commanders to bring them forth.

"What do you want?" Ronon questioned threateningly, as he leaned into the bars of the creepy cell.

The commander hissed warningly as he answered "The one who flew the ship."

Ronon however continued to bait the wraith by refusing to answer as he said "Why don't you start with me."

The wraith hissed and then opened the bars, one of the drones shooting a blast of blue light from the stunner he held in his grasp, sending Ronon careening to the floor. At this Sheppard stepped forward, spurred into action by the wraith's hostility.

"Whow, whow wait! You want me."

The wraith satisfied by his answer turned to leave the cell block. The two drones however waited until Sheppard followed the commander before closing the cell door behind him.

Sheppard appeared, on the outside at least, to be completely calm as they led him to the Queen of the Hive but on the inside he was scared shitless. He had an inkling that he was being taken to a Queen but he had very little experience on which to draw upon to know what he was going to be confronted with at the end of the hallway. As he walked up to the doorway, he was struck with mortal fear, as he was forced into the room and up onto the platform in the middle of the room. The lighting in the room was distracting to Sheppard as he spun in circles. One, two, three...he lost count of how many times he spun around until he was confronted by a shocking sight. The Queen of the Hive. Sheppard was stunned, not by horror as one would expect for a person in his predicament, but by the beauty of the Queen's face. Her face was pale and heart shaped, twin black tattoos on her temples, purple lips and her eyes, golden with flecks of burnished bronze, the pupils slitted like a cat's. On top of her head her ivory hair was long and loose spilling over her shoulders and down her back like a river of ice. It was then that he noticed her body slim and curvy in all the right places, clothed all in black. A black trench coat over a black sweater and leggings. A silver belt completing the outfit with black boots and an odd silver necklace. Sheppard was dumbstruck he could feel that his heart was beginning to race and his palms were tingly and beginning to sweat. Similarly the Queen was struck with similar feelings, but she hid them well or at least better. The Queen lifted a hand up to Sheppard's face commanding him with both her tone of voice and mental command forcing Sheppard to kneel upon the floor. She strutted around him casually as she asked him.

"The ship. Where did you get it?"

"You mean the dart? We call them darts because they're so pointy." He responded cockily as he tried to recover from his initial shock.

"Tell me. Where?" She asked getting more demanding as he frustratingly dodged her questions

"I really don't wanna say," She smiled slightly before lashing out with the back of her hand and struck him across the face. She watched him straighten his jacket and she reached out with her hand to stoke the soft skin of his cheek. Sheppard tried to remain unmoved but it was becoming harder and harder to do, her smell and closeness overwhelming his senses and confusing his brain. Trying to remain nonchalant Sheppard added.

"I don't even know your name." The Queen leaned in closer to Sheppard trying her best to look alluring and unknowingly or perhaps knowingly showed Sheppard her impressive cleavage. Sheppard willed a certain part of his anatomy not to respond to her body as her smell enveloped his nose and his eyes caught the sight of her flesh. He was struck with feelings of inadequacy as he looked up this perfect expression of female beauty and was immediately terrified of loosing himself in this Queen's heated gaze.

"In time, you will tell me every..." The Queen trailed off as her eyes lost focus and she seemed to gaze right through Sheppard. Suddenly she hissed at him and turned away to walk out of the room. He looked at her confused and asked.

"Tell you what? What's wrong?" Sheppard asked as she moved away, she smiled slightly as she heard him tell the guards.

"She didn't even tell me her name!"

The Queen exited the room and quickly slumped against the nearest wall trying desperately to control her breathing, this human was different, and she found herself not only lusting after him as a source of food but as a romantic interest or at least a night of fun. These thoughts frightened the Queen as she knew that her mate was not likely to be pleased with this new information, he was prone to jealousy and rash thinking, she didn't want anything to happen to the human before she had a chance to examine the situation further, therefore the Queen decided that it would be best not to tell him. Never before had she found herself wanting a human so badly before, she pressed her hand to her breast trying to calm her racing heart. Taking a few deep breaths she steadied herself before continuing to the bridge.

Sheppard, meanwhile, was being poked and prodded by the two guards as they returned him to the cell. Once inside Sheppard was immediately bombarded by questions from his team.

"Are you unharmed?" Teyla asked worriedly

"Yeah." He answered still not quite sure about what had happened in the Queen's chambers.

Ronon asked "Where'd they take you?" as he offered Sheppard his arm and helped him up.

"A little Q and A with the Queen of the hive." Sheppard responded as he stood on shaky legs her presence still lingered with him and he was unsure of what to do, the experience had left him feeling shaken and unsure of himself.

"What did you tell her?" Ford demanded his tone of voice insistent and paranoid because of the wraith or Sheppard's little slip up he did not know.

"It was a short conversation. She walked out." Sheppard responded trying to regain the cocky flyboy persona that he was usually identified with, as a means to avoid closeness.

"Why?" the response was immediate and accusatory

"I don't know. Maybe she was late for a meeting." humour was another thing that Sheppard utilized to distract from fear or anxiety.

"No," was Teyla's response "There is something else. I sense she was agitated, even angry."

"Why?" asked Sheppard trepidation in his voice.

"Another hive ship had arrived."

Oh Crap Sheppard thought, suddenly getting out just got heaps more difficult, yet he wasn't sure that he even wanted to go, he wanted to learn more about that Queen that is not to say that he wanted to learn pet peeves and ambitions but simpler things like her name and age, though he doubted that as a member of the space vampire race she would answer his questions but he felt the need to try.

"Are you sure there's another ship?"

"I sense it. Close by."

"Maybe they're planning on culling the planet together." Sheppard said not realising how wrong he was.

"Or they're gonna fight for it."

"Either way, the planet's only a few days away, so we don't have much time to stop them."

"All right, first things first. How to get out. Any luck?" Sheppard asked

"None yet."

"Don't worry, I'll figure a way out." Spoke Ford confidently

"I was afraid you were gonna say that." and he was.

Cut to the bridge of the hive ship

"How dare you encroach on my territory! By all rights this planet is mine to cull!" The Queen roared angrily.

"Easy, sister, I do not wish to take your human herd from you I merely wanted to propose something to you."

"I already have a mate if that's what you were going to ask, sister." that got a rising chuckle out of the crew and the Queen on the screen glared slightly before regaining her regal position on her throne. The Queen smirked to herself as she looked expectantly at the Queen across from her. "What do you want?"

"Last time we were on one of these ships McKay was able to open the door by cutting right into the wall."

"You mean, like, with a knife?"

"You have a knife?"

"One for them to find, one to keep. Everybody knows that."

"Right. I forgot all about that rule."

"Well, it's a good thing I'm here."


"Now, just take your time," Sheppard spoke as Lt. Ford flicked the blade with supposed precision to miss the target "I said, take your time."

"I hit the exact spot you were pointing at." cried out the enzyme addicted man.

"All right, all right. Anybody else have a knife?"

With that Ronon stepped forward and pulled a knife out of his bracer and flicked it at the control panel. This caused the lights to go off.

"Getting warmer."

Ronon pulled another knife out of seemingly nowhere and Sheppard asked "How many of those things you got?"

"How many you need?" replied Ronon.

A few hours later and one escape attempt later, The Queen had listened dutifully to her sister Queen's plan and was now sitting in her quarters on the big fleshy mattress that made up the four poster bed. She was petting an Iratus bug that was lounging in her arms as she considered the consequences of her actions were she to go through with the plan her sister Queen had come up with and with the approval of the alliance supporting her plan. The other Queens had decided that she was to be the one to carry out the plan seeing that she was the one with the infamous John Sheppard, murderer, aboard her ship. This did little to lessen her attraction to the human if anything it intensified it. She shifted her cloth covered legs on the bed as she felt heat pooling in the pit of her stomach. She let out a soft sigh as she lightly ran her nails along her inner thighs and pictured the human sitting in between them. Her naughty thoughts were interrupted by her mate and a commander of the hive walking into her chambers, unannounced and uninvited.

"What are you doing here?" demanded the Queen as she leapt from the bed, the bug in hand.

"I heard about the proposal of the other Queen and what's worse you accepted the proposal." the commander growled.

"And why wouldn't I, the plan is nothing if not brilliant and I want to do it and neither you nor anyone else is capable of stopping me."

The commander growled menacingly in the back of his throat and lashed out with his hand hitting the Queen on her cheek. The resounding slap was heard in the corridor as the Queen's head was turned harshly to the right, she let out a pitiful sound as she gently probed her cheek with her finger tips and let out a loud scream for the guards. The two drones outside of her quarters came bursting in and grabbed the commander harshly by his upper arms and dragged him out of the room towards the prison level on the ship. The Queen smiled as soon as they had left the room and she too walked out the door, she believed that it was time that she and the human had a little chat.

She had the human brought to the interrogation room, she watched him from the shadows as he took in the room once again this time she walked from directly in front of him, walking to join him on the raised platform in the middle of the room.

"Shall we talk now?"

She dismissed the guards and strutted around Sheppard.

"About what?"

The Queen walked behind him drinking in the sight of the human before her.

"You are stubborn."

He tried to act cool but was having a difficult time of it seeing that the Queen was once again so very close.

"Yes, I am," he turns to face her "and, uh, she's very pretty, by the way."

The Queen narrows her eyes at him suspiciously, wondering what he was getting up to. She could feel her body starting to respond to his closeness and was struck with a desperate urge to kiss him.

"Neera - the girl you planted in the cocoon for us to rescue after you let us escape. The one that was supposed to get information from me."

Their eyes met and they both felt a deep heat in their stomachs. Then as one they both lunged for the other and met in a searing kiss. The Queen moaned opening her mouth for Sheppard's tongue to gently massage his with hers. His hands gripped her body and rubbed up and down her back and upper arms, coming to rest on her shoulders as he continued to kiss her. Finally they broke from their kiss to breathe. The Queen took Sheppard's hand in her own and dragged him to her private chambers where they could continue their 'conversation.'

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