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Love a Form of Insanity Chapter 2

Title: Love a Form of Insanity
Pairing: Sheppard/Wraith Queen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In season 2 Sheppard was captured by a Wraith Queen this Queen has a great plan in store for Sheppard what will become of him because of it? Pretty crappy summary I no but oh well :D
Warning: This fic has sex scenes, violence and swearing if you don't like this stuff well you were warned


It was surreal Sheppard decided as the Queen pushed him onto the fleshy mattress with her inhuman strength. His thoughts were interrupted by the Queen pressing her plump lips once again to his mouth, and being careful of her teeth, she nibbled gently on his lower lip before capturing his lips in another kiss just as heated as the first. Sheppard allowed her to pin his arms above his head with hers as she kissed him and shifted his body to lie under her. Breaking the kiss the Queen moved to straddle his waist with her own and unclasped her belt holding the front of her outfit together. Understanding what was to take place, Sheppard removed his jacket and watched the Queen slowly begin to remove her clothing. She stripped away the outer coat and tossed it off the bed, leaving her in a sweater like black top and her leggings. She then peeled off the sweater leaving her in a black corset, that did nothing to hide her stunning figure. Sheppard felt his mouth go dry as he stared up at her, he noticed that her golden eyes had gone darker with desire as she looked at him with heavily lidded eyes, she reached behind her back and started to unlace the corset, Sheppard quickly whipped off his black tee bearing his chest to her. She stopped what she was doing to run her fingers through his coarse chest hair, marvelling at the sensation of her fingers sliding over his sculpted form.

 Sheppard reached up to tangle his fingers in her hair as it spilled over her shoulders and onto his chest, sliding against his skin. Not wanting to waste any more time Sheppard reached behind her to untie the last few strings and ripped the corset from her body, leaving her in a slip. Sheppard quickly pulled that off her, bearing her chest to him. Sheppard flipped them over so that she was lying on her back with him in between her legs. The Queen moaned softly as Sheppard nuzzled his nose into her neck and flicked out his tongue to taste the pale flesh. She tasted like cinnamon, similar to her natural smell of apples and vanilla. As the Queen arched beneath him Sheppard ran his hand over her cheek softly watching as her golden eyes settled on him and he placed his hands on her hips and hooked his fingers under the waistband of her leggings and pulled them from her body, she wasn't wearing any underwear, his hazel eyes darkened with lust as he gazed at her flesh already dripping with moisture. She was ready, Sheppard felt his pants get very uncomfortable as he looked at her exposed flesh, from the erotic sight of her rosy nipples to the apex between her legs. The Queen, in response to Sheppard's hungry gaze spread her legs for him and kicked off her boots, leaving her naked under his heated gaze. Sheppard quickly pulled off his boots, perhaps a little too quickly as he hit himself in the face, and pulled off his pants, the Queen ran her tongue over her lips as she watched the human bare himself to her. Once naked Sheppard quickly lowered himself onto her quivering body, feeling her hair slide against him as he did so. Sheppard looked deep into her eyes as he positioned himself properly and penetrated her. The Queen moaned happily and wrapped her legs around his waist as he waited for her body to adjust to his girth. Slowly she nodded her head and then flung it backwards onto the green pillow as Sheppard set a slow and steady pace inside of her, she sighed, it had been so long. She certainly didn't want to be doing this type of activity with her mate, the very thought of it disgusted her. The Queen tried to banish such thoughts and concentrate on the here and now as Sheppard continued to thrust inside of her, she groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down to rest gently on her shoulder, she felt the human press soft kisses along her shoulder to the hollow of her throat, before burying his head there and started to suckle on her flesh leaving a mark. The Queen did not care she simply just wanted to feel the human as he moved inside of her.

The two adversaries groaned and grunted away as Sheppard thrust within her body bringing her closer and closer to that high point. Sheppard dipped his head down to suckle on her nipples dragging a moan from the Queen's throat and making her tighten her grip on him.

"I don't even know your name." Sheppard muttered into her breast as he dragged his teeth over her nipple.

This caused the Queen to laugh as she lay beneath him. Suddenly the Queen flipped Sheppard onto his back and leaning forward she started to rock her hips, taking him fully inside of her. Her hair fell forwards onto the human's chest sliding against him softly with every stroke. She watched as he lifted his own hands from where they were clutching the silk sheets to play with her hair, she smiled slightly as she continued to ram her hips into him. Then she lifted her hands to slide them through Sheppard's messy hair. Then, she placed a hand that wasn't tangled in the human's hair on her belly, sliding her hand down to stroke herself, she flung back her head as she moved on Sheppard. Meanwhile Sheppard could feel himself beginning to lose control as his hips bucked against the Queen's. Sheppard started to thrust upwards into the Queen trying to bring her over the edge. Sheppard was not a selfish lover and he wanted to impress the Queen for reasons that even he did not understand. Suddenly Sheppard felt the Queen's legs begin to shake and she increased the tempo as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm starting to build. She threw herself against Sheppard and moaned loudly as her vaginal walls began to constrict Sheppard's manhood. At those pleasant sensations reverberating in his body Sheppard sat up to hold the Queen, as he continued to buck against her. The Queen then ran her nails down his back, drawing blood as she opened her mouth to let out an inhuman scream as she came. As Sheppard felt the Queen orgasm he released his carefully held control and came inside of her. Suddenly feeling very weak Sheppard slumped back on the bed, pulling the Queen with him as the two struggled to control their breathing.

Finally after a few moments the Queen lifted her head off Sheppard's chest and looked her human toy in the eyes. She smirked at him gently as she sat up and flipped her hair over her shoulders. Sheppard responded with a cocky smirk as he brushed his knuckles over her cheek once again. While he was there Sheppard traced the contours of her face, from her hairless eye ridges to her facial sensory pits.

"Your beautiful." Sheppard murmured as he slid a hand through her soft, ivory hair.

She smiled gently at him and moved down to kiss his lips softly. She lay down on the bed next to him fighting back tiredness as she shifted over onto her side to look at her human conquest. Sheppard moved his head to look at the Queen and said "Do you have a name? After this I can't really just go around calling you 'Hey you.'"

The Queen laughed again, her voice tinkling like bells, and smiled at the human before stretching over and placing a kiss on his lips.

"Hey, if you're not up to sharing I can give you a name if you'd like."

"And what name would you give me?" She asked curiously as she took in his nakedness with a satisfied leer.

Sheppard gave her an appraising look before saying "Bella."

The Queen smiled slightly before laying down and closing her eyes to sleep, pulling the silk covers up to her sweaty and naked body. "Bel-la. I like it."

Sheppard leaned back on the bed while watching the Queen - Bella, sleep. He wondered what would make her trust him so that she would willingly lie with him and then go to sleep while he was still there. Did she know something he didn't and if so what was it. Little did he know that Bella was not asleep but was busy inside of her mind making plans and organising a message to be sent to the other Hive to tell them that phase one was complete.

Bella opened her eyes to appraise the human before her, taking in the strong lines of his body and muscles that rippled just below the surface, Bella moved to cuddle up beside the human running her fingers over his chest sending waves of sensation coursing through his veins. Sheppard turned over onto his side and ran his hand over her bare shoulder and up to her head, stroking her hair softly, marvelling at the softness, like a kitten's fur.

"So, I take it from the rest of the stuff in here that you don't live alone." Sheppard said softly as he looked deep into Bella's eyes.

She sighed in irritation as she sat up turning to put her back to Sheppard. "Did you really have to ruin it?" she asked as she turned her head back to glance at him from the corner of her eye.

Sheppard sat up at that "Ruin what? What did I do?"

"For your information my mate lived here too, but he struck me so he isn't going to be allowed in here for quite some time." she sniffed as she pouted at him.

"Do you love him?" Sheppard asked as he came up behind her and rested his head on her shoulder placing soft kisses there.

"No, he was chosen for me by my mother, I have only lain with him once, I have had many other lovers but you are the only human that I've shared my bed with."

"Really I suppose then that I should feel special then."

Bella laughed at this "Yes, I suppose you should, not everyone can say that they have lain with a Queen."

"Why are you telling me this?" Sheppard asked curiously

"You tell me, there is something about you something that I have not seen in any human or wraith for thousands of years."

"I'm that special huh, so is that why we..." he trailed off as he gestured towards the bed.

"Yes, that and you fascinate me John Sheppard."

"How do you know my name?"

"The name of the one who slaughters us is well known among the Hives of my sister Queens. They fear and respect you, you who have killed so many of our kind and have prevented us from taking the city of the Ancients."

"I did all that huh wow."

"You are a special little human John Sheppard." Bella said gently as she pulled him in for another kiss and she felt a tug deep in her gut at the sensation of kissing him, she definitely didn't mind having to go through with the plan the alliance was asking her to do. "there is something I would ask of you however."

"What?" Sheppard asked curiously

"Stay with me, here, on my ship. I promise that no harm would come to come to your friends." Bella said earnestly. At this moment Sheppard felt himself become befuddled by his own desires for the beautiful Queen and he felt himself nodding his head as his eyes appraised her nakedness.

"On one condition." Sheppard said while looking into her eyes.

"Name it." Bella breathed as she looked at him seductively.

Meanwhile in Teyla and Ronon's cell the pair were collaborating on a way to get out of the cell when a commander walked up to the cell doors and said "Come."

Giving each other a stunned look they got up quickly and followed the male out of the cell and into the main corridor. They walked for what seemed like hours until they came to the dart bay where they were met by all the surviving members of Ford's strike team.

"Aiden what is happening?" Teyla asked as she and Ronon walked up to the gathered group.

"I don't know, all I know is that I was in a cocoon when the wraith came and brought me here. What about you?"

"It was the same with us," Teyla then turned to address the male Wraith. "Why are we here? What are you going to do to us?"

"You are going home," The male replied simply "it is by the order of the Queen."

Teyla allowed herself to smile freely, but then she realised that one member of their strike team was missing.

"Home, what about Colonel Sheppard!"

"He is to remain here with the Queen."

"The Queen? What does she have to do with this?"

"It is only by the Queen's will that you are going free I would suggest that you would be grateful rather than questioning her decision."

"I will continue to question her decision until my friend i-urg."

The male wraith having enough of Teyla's attitude zapped her with a wraith stunning device, at this Ronon charged the male wraith and got a face full of stunner for his trouble. The commander then ordered, via their telepathic network, another commander to beam up the humans into a dart.

Back in the Queen's bedchamber Sheppard was waiting patiently for the Queen to tell him whether or not his friends had been transported to the nearest planet, with a Stargate, safely. Bella had her eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating very hard, if the cute crinkle in her brow was any indication. Suddenly she opened her eyes and smiled beautifully at Sheppard.

"They made it, there was some resistance at first but my commander was able to sort it out."

"Sort it out, how?" Sheppard asked

Bella mumbled something incoherent and when given a probing look by Sheppard she came clean "With a stunner." she smiled sheepishly, Sheppard gave her a stern look before sighing and lying back on the bed. Bella took that opportunity to get up and walk to the wardrobe, at least Sheppard thought it was a wardrobe. It was a big fleshy blue door connected to the side of the room and it was full of clothes. Bella, after looking through the wardrobe, pulled out a stunning black dress which flowed to the floor, with beaded dark blue wraith writing up the bodice with long belled sleeves.

"Nice dress," Sheppard said as she pulled out a matching corset, slip, leggings and boots. "you're very colour coordinated."

She smirked at him "Of course a Queen must always look her best." Bella then started to put on her outfit.

"Black really suits you." Sheppard remarked as he sat up.

She smiled as she finished putting on the rest of her outfit and walked over to the other side of the wardrobe, she started pulling out various male commander outfits and started to throw them into a messy pile by the door.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting rid of my mate's clothing he is no longer welcome in this room, especially since I now have you. But have no fear I will make sure that he does not bother you."

"Well I wasn't really worried about it until you brought it up."


Sheppard's mind boggled as he heard her apology , never before, he would bet that a wraith had apologized to a human before and especially about scaring him. It was interesting to notice that the conversation between himself and Bella had been nothing if not friendly and kind. It was kind of freaky. All Sheppard knew was that he would need to find a way to get off this ship and soon. He didn't know what the problems would be for him if he didn't escape, as mentioned before the Queen had been nothing but kind and courteous to him since he arrived on the ship, but now Sheppard wasn't even sure that he even wanted to leave the ship he and the Queen seemed to have this amazing connection that he wasn't sure he even wanted to leave. He was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Meanwhile Teyla and Ronon had arrived on the planet and were quickly dialling Atlantis' address desperate to inform the others of what had happened on board the Hive ship. Ford and what was left of his strike team had already left the small farming community that had already been decimated by the wraith and were too busy trying to rebuild their lives to care about why humans were being dropped off at their planet by the wraith. Once the wormhole was engaged they quickly entered the event horizon and found themselves back on Atlantis, Elizabeth ran out to greet them quickly asking about the whereabouts of Colonel Sheppard. Teyla and Ronon speedily informed her of the happenings on board the Hive. Elizabeth was horrified but not surprised that Sheppard had traded in his life for theirs, what she didn't know was the terrifying plan that the Queens had in store for him. Elizabeth immediately informed Colonel Caldwell of the situation that Sheppard was on board the Hive ship that was getting ready for an impending culling. Little did Elizabeth know that the Hive ship in question was being joined for the culling by another and that was going to make finding Colonel Sheppard that much harder.

Meanwhile onboard the Hive Colonel Sheppard had already dressed himself and was walking down the hall to the cells, why, was he doing this you ask, well, he was accompanying the Queen to see her mate. Why, he did not know but the Queen was strutting around the Hive with him in tow, showing him off to the Hive as her new toy, or so he assumed. Yes, he was not wraith, but there seemed to be more factoring in to the equation like for example the smiles on the other wraith's faces whenever they saw him, it was getting creepy, no one had threatened to feed on him or anything it was redefining everything he knew about the wraith and he didn't like that one bit. The only thing that was comfortingly sane about this whole trip was that the Queen or Bella, as she was now being referred to by the Colonel, was treating the whole thing normally, it was all starting to make his head hurt.

"We're here," Bella chirped brightly as she skipped up to the door of the cell, she rapped on the door with her knuckles. "Wake up lazy bones!" she yelled into the cell, positively beaming with excitement at the prospect of killing her mate. "time to die!"

"You do not scare me you witch!" the commander snarled from inside the cell.

"Aww that really hurts, honey, you know now that I think about it I should really be thanking you for hitting me. In over ten thousand years you have not committed a single treasonable offence, but now, oh but now you have finally failed and the price is your life." Bella grinned as the overseer let him out of the cell, clapping her hands like an excited child.

"Could you be any less of a Queen right now?" asked the commander.

"Leave her alone." Sheppard yelled immediately, he was uncertain as to why he had interjected into the fight but if it was any consolation, Bella looked positively thrilled that he was coming to her defence. The commander looked pissed.

"Oh and what's this your new boy toy you are such a slut, whoring yourself out to a human. A filthy human."

"What I may choose to do in my spare time has nothing to do with you."

"And I suppose you want me to just step aside and allow you to do the nasty with this human, everyone knows!"

"Of course they know, you know how intimate an existence we all live in aboard this Hive and they all know why I chose to mate with this human."

"Bella what are you talking about?"

"Bella?! Is that what he calls you, he named you as you would a pet, he has no respect for you nor anyone else. He-"

"Enough Enough Enough!" Bella shouted the command echoing within the commander's mind, as he sunk to his knees, Bella reached out with her claws and struck the commander across the face much like he did to her a few days ago. Fleetingly she thought that it was so long that she had been touched with affection, but with the arrival of her new lover she had been getting some and it truly terrified her how quickly she was warming up to him, even the sex was amazing he treated her as though she was the most beautiful thing in the world and the reverence in which he spoke to her, it was enough to make her heart flutter with happiness.

Bella reached out with her hands to snap the commander's neck when a blow to the ship knocked her to the ground. The alarm was blaring in the distance and time seemed to slow for Sheppard as the commander loomed over the Queen, his hands reaching for her neck. Sheppard reached for his hand gun but found nothing as he remembered that his weapons had been taken from him. He did nothing as he watched in horror as the commander grabbed the Queen's neck.
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